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Why BMW Owners Need To Schedule An Oil Change Regularly

BMW car engine with emblem and open engine filler neck for oil change.
As the owner and driver of a BMW, it’s imperative to protect your investment with preventative maintenance. And the most impactful maintenance service you can have performed is the BMW oil change. Regular BMW oil changes is paramount to keeping your vehicle running efficiently.

At Quality Import Services in Elkhart IN, we offer fast and thorough BMW oil changes in Elkhart IN. We specialize in preventative maintenance and automotive repairs on virtually all European and German vehicles, including:

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top benefits of having regular BMW oil changes in Elkhart IN.

Extend the Life of Your Engine with Regular BMW Oil Change Services in Elkhart IN

As the lifeblood of your BMW, motor oil is designed to lubricate various engine parts and protect them from extensive wear and tear. It’s also tasked with cleaning, transferring heat, and other functions. However, motor oil gets dirty, degrades, and loses the ability to perform its various roles. This can expose your BMW’s engine and components to unnecessary friction, heat, and wear and tear. Fortunately, protecting your BMW’s engine is easy, starting with regular oil changes.

Keep Your Engine Clean with Regular BMW Oil Changes

When oil moves from one part of your engine to the other, debris and dirt will begin to accumulate. If you fail to change your BMW’s oil regularly, this debris will morph into sludge and build up in your engine. However, you can help ensure your BMW’s engine is clean and performing at peak levels by changing your oil and filter based on the manufacturer’s suggested interval. BMW oil changes can also help prevent debris and dirt from causing expensive engine damage in your BMW.

Improve Gas Mileage By Changing Your BMW's Oil on Time

Your gas mileage is impacted by several factors, including:

  • Environment
  • Personal driving habits
  • Terrain
  • Vehicle maintenance

And without proper vehicle maintenance, the grit and dirt will accumulate inside your engine to cause unnecessary friction. This can make your engine work much harder than it needs to and reduce your BMW’s fuel efficiency. To ensure your BMW delivers maximum fuel efficiency, always have regular BMW oil changes in Elkhart IN.

Ensure Maximum BMW Performance with Regular Oil Changes

If you’re like most BMW drivers, performance is of the highest importance. However, driving around with old and dirty oil can be counterproductive to your performance goals. As motor oil degrades from heat exposure, it loses the ability to lubricate parts and turns into sludge that traps heat. When parts are covered in dirty, degraded oil sludge, engine components will remain hotter for longer periods than necessary. These factors can sap your HPs and reduce your coveted BMW’s performance.

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If you live in Elkhart, IN, Quality Import Services is the premier BMW auto repair and maintenance center. At Quality Import Services, we specialize in performing fast and thorough BMW oil change services. Our experienced European and German mechanics will get you in, out, and on your way in the most efficient manner possible.

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