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If your AC stops blowing cold or the heater fails to kick on, your travels are about to get a whole lot less comfortable. Fortunately, you can rely on our Elkhart, IN auto repair team at Quality Import Service to provide the AC & heating service and repair needed to restore the function of your climate control.

Our ASE-certified techs have just what it takes to service all climate control systems used in German cars, such as VW, Mini, and BMW. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call at the first sign of a problem or when you just want to get seasonal maintenance out of the way.

Seasonal Automotive AC and Heating Maintenance

When in good working order, the AC and heating system in your car works hard to keep you comfortable on all your travels. Seasonal checkups are critical to avoid something going wrong when you need heating and cooling most.

As a part of your routine service plan, we can check the refrigerant level of your air conditioning system, check how well it works, and fix any problems found at that time. We’re also happy to check your heating system regularly to confirm it’s operating at peak efficiency.

With our help, you’re sure to stay comfortable on all your travels, no matter what kind of weather you encounter along the way. Plus, our services can help preserve the value of your European car while making sure it’s a joy to own and drive.

Common Types of AC & Heating Service and Repair

Despite your commitment to getting regular maintenance services done on a strict schedule, your AC and heating parts still have the potential to wear out and stop working. When components fail, you’ll instantly notice that your vents won’t blow cold or hot air as expected.

The cause of your climate control woes may include:

  • Stuck blend door
  • Bad compressor
  • Blower motor regulator failure
  • Damaged or worn seals
  • Mildew in the evaporator
  • Bad blower motor
  • Stuck thermostat
  • Refrigerant leak

To figure out what’s going on, your auto technician in Elkhart, IN, will perform a full inspection and any additional testing steps needed to pin down the cause. A suspected refrigerant leak, for example, requires the use of UV dye to find the source and determine what parts to replace. From there, it’s just a matter of letting you know what AC & heating service and repair you need to get your climate control system back on track.

Need Heating and AC Repairs? Call Our Shop for Auto Repair in Elkhart, IN

Whether your climate control system doesn’t seem to work right, or you just want to prevent problems before they start, you can count on our Elkhart, IN, auto repair team for help. With a call to 574-262-1037, we can help you find a great time to visit our shop for AC & heating service and repair. We look forward to providing you with the right level of auto repair in Elkhart so that you can get back to your travels fast.

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