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Volkswagen Service and Repair in Elkhart, IN

As your premier Elkhart IN auto shop, we’re the best place to go for Volkswagen service and repair. Whether you just want to get routine maintenance out of the way or need prompt repairs for a specific problem, you can always count on our ASE-certified techs to get the job done.

Our techs have the skills, experience, and training needed to track down what’s ailing your VW and fix it right the first time around. So, if you have a classic 1992 Corrado G60, attractive 2020 Golf R, or even a coveted 2008 R32, you can trust our team to take care of all its needs mile after mile.

Allow Us to Create Your Ideal Volkswagen Service Plan

When it comes to keeping your Volkswagen in fantastic condition, you must commit to timely maintenance services. Fortunately, our team makes it easy with our comprehensive service plans. Each plan is customized to the needs of your car and occurs every 7,000 miles.

Our service plans follow Volkswagen’s factory-recommended maintenance guide concerning what tasks we perform to your vehicle and when. Beyond that, we use all the correct OEM parts and factory-approved fluids to keep your car running and driving at its best.

Once you have your VW service plan in hand, all you have to do is pop by our Elkhart, IN auto repair shop for a visit. Our techs will perform a full inspection and then complete all maintenance tasks due at that time. If they spot any problems while looking over or servicing your car, they’ll let you know, so you can confidently make all your repair decisions.

Our Approach to Volkswagen Auto Repair Services

Our technicians know just what problems pop up the most in all the different Volkswagen models. So, they’re always watching out for those issues while your car is under their care.

Beyond that, your technician has extensive training and experience in the care of Euro cars of all kinds. Plus, they have access to high-quality shop equipment and specialty tools. They even have factory scan tools that allow them to check the electronic system on modern VWs and figure out what’s causing the issue in question, including why your dreaded check engine light is on.

The most common Volkswagen repairs we handle include:

  • Cooling system leaks
  • Ignition coil malfunctions
  • Electrical shorts
  • Poor AC and heating function
  • Worn suspension parts


Often, your first sign of a problem is your dashboard warning lights shining brightly. But feel free to reach out any time your Euro car seems to need an inspection and repairs.

Need Volkswagen Service and Repair? Call for Auto Repair in Elkhart, IN

Whenever you need Volkswagen service and repair, give our team at QIS a call at 574-262-1037 to schedule your visit. We always look forward to helping you find a convenient time to come by and get your car serviced. By providing our services, we hope to help you protect your investment and enjoy your vehicle to the fullest.
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