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Treat your vehicle to the best. It deserves it, and so do you!

Our 14k service is the second step to success. We recommend servicing your German vehicle every 7,000 miles, so be sure to check out our page on our initial 7k service here if you haven’t yet.

Our 14k is a more in-depth version of the 7k service. At this point in the process, we use other crucial BG engine cleaning products, like the Induction Cleaning Products, to keep your vehicle in its top possible shape. These products are designed to squeeze every last mile out of your fuel system, so that your time enjoying the open road isn’t limited by your gas tank.

So, what BG products do you use this time?

Our 7k and 14k service plans differ from each other in the BG products used. This time around, we’ll use BG’s MOA engine oil conditioner and 44K fuel system cleaner for our premium 14k service. These products are designed to protect engine components, increase fuel system efficiency, and extend the lifetime of your vehicle.


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