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Audi Service and Repair in Elkhart, IN

When you need Audi service and repair in Elkhart, IN, Quality Import Service is here to help you out. Our ASE-certified techs know just how to care for your car correctly so that you can enjoy all your travels to the fullest.

Through regular training and on-the-job experience, our techs keep up with the latest diagnostic practices and repair techniques used on Euro cars. So, whether you drive a stylish 1998 TT Coupe or a beastly 2020 TT RS, you can trust our team to handle all its maintenance and repairs year after year.

Let Our Team Create Your Ideal Audi Service Plan

If you want your Audi to withstand the test of time, you have to make regular maintenance a top priority. Fortunately, our techs at Quality Import Service make it relatively easy by building your service plan from the bottom up.

In creating your plan, we use the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals plus our own experience to get the proper work done every 7,000 miles. We also strive to use the highest quality OES parts and all the factory-approved fluids for your car’s exact build.

With our service plan on your side, you just have to mark each appointment on your calendar and arrive ready to get the work done. Our Elkhart, IN auto repair techs will inspect your car from nose to tail and complete the necessary maintenance services. If we notice anything wrong during the inspection, we’ll let you know our repair recommendations right away.

Our Commitment to Quality Audi Auto Repair Services

Audis occasionally need repairs to stay in good working order even with regular maintenance done on a strict schedule. Although these Euro cars are generally reliable, they benefit from a little extra attention from time to time.

Our Elkhart IN auto repair techs are well-versed in the most common problems affecting these cars, such as:

  • Engine oil leaks
  • Oxygen sensor failures
  • Poor cooling and heating
  • Bad water pump
  • Faulty power steering
  • Failed fuel injectors

Modern Audis often develop carbon buildup in the intake valves, resulting in the need for deep cleaning.

Using our knowledge of the most common Audi repair issues, our techs can help you keep a close eye on your car. We can perform full inspections and complete computer testing services designed to let you know when it needs repairs. Then, we can complete the work using all the right specialty tools and quality parts so that you can get back on the road fast.

Need Audi Service and Repair? Call Our Shop for Auto Repair in Elkhart, IN

When you need Audi service and repair in Elkhart, IN, reach out to our team at QIS with a call to 574-262-1037. Upon taking your call, we’ll help you find a great time to swing by and have your car looked at by your trusted auto technician. We always look forward to providing you and your Audi with the highest quality of care, so please feel free to contact us anytime for an appointment.
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