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Porsche Service and Repair in Elkhart, IN

When you need Porsche service and repair in Elkhart, IN, there’s perhaps not a better place to go than Quality Import Service. Our ASE-certified techs know full well just what it takes to keep these full spectrum machines performing at their best.

By completing industry training and plenty of on-the-job experience, our techs stay up-to-date on all the latest diagnostic and repair procedures. So, whether you have a svelte 2001 911 Turbo or a luxury-minded 2020 Cayenne, you can confidently entrust all its maintenance and repairs to our team.

Let Us Create Your Ideal Porsche Service Plan

To best protect your investment, you need to keep your Porsche well maintained at all times. Fortunately, our team at Quality Import Service is here to make that happen. We are happy to create a comprehensive service plan for every car you put under our care.

For our custom service plans, we always service at or before the factory-recommended intervals. Beyond that, we make it our mission only to use the highest quality OEM parts and factory-recommended fluids.

Upon getting your custom service plan, you just need to swing by our auto repair shop to get your car fixed upright. Before getting started on your maintenance, our techs will always perform a full inspection and let you know their repair recommendations if they find any issues.

Our Approach to Porsche Auto Repair Services

Our Elkhart, IN auto repair techs, have the skills and experience needed to keep your Porsche in pristine condition. All our services start with a thorough inspection of your vehicle from nose to tail.

If the problem requires a little more investigation, your auto techs will use their knowledge, factory scan tools, and other essential equipment to figure it out. Only once they make an accurate diagnosis will our techs provide their repair recommendations for your Euro car.

The most common Porsche problems fixed at our shop include:

  • CV joint failure
  • Coolant leaks
  • Timing chain wear
  • Faulty oil separator
  • ABS module failure
  • Transmission synchro wear
  • Intermediate shaft bearing failure

No matter what brings you into our Elkhart, IN auto repair shop, you can trust that our techs will quickly find and fix the problem. They always use the right specialty tools and quality parts to ensure the job is done right the first time around.

Our team strives to get you back on the road fast through all we do so you can enjoy your Porsche to the fullest. Plus, we work hard to ensure you have the best possible auto repair experience around.

Need Porsche Service and Repair? Call for Auto Repair in Elkhart, IN

Whenever you need Porsche service and repair in Elkhart, IN, give our team a call at 574-262-1037. We’re always available to help you set up a convenient time to visit our shop and get all the services needed to keep your car in great shape. So, please feel free to reach out any time your vehicle needs timely maintenance and repairs.
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