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When it comes to staying safe on all your travels, you count on your braking system to always do its job without fail. It’s essential to invest in regular brake service & repair from our ASE-certified techs at Quality Import Service. Our technicians have all the skills and experience needed for the care and upkeep of braking systems used by all German car brands, including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. So, you can always turn to us for help keeping your brakes in fantastic condition.

Maintain Your Brakes at Your Service Plan Appointments

For your vehicle to stop on demand, your braking system uses consumable parts that need replacement as they wear down. You also have to keep the brake fluid fresh and clean to ensure the system has enough pressure to operate.

Fortunately, your Elkhart, IN tech is here to make it easy to get the right brake maintenance services on time. As we create your car’s service plan, we’ll let you know when to come in for your brake maintenance services.

During each brake maintenance visit, your vehicle may need new pads, rotor resurfacing, or even replacement rotors depending on their condition. We may also need to flush and bleed your brakes to replace the fluid and remove all air from the system. Then, before releasing your car back into your care, our techs will always test drive the system to verify you have 100% of your stopping power.

Most Common Signs You Need Prompt Brake Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, parts in your braking system could wear down or outright fail, leaving you without adequate stopping power. Before that happens, you will likely notice that your brake pedal feels somewhat spongy underfoot or pushes down a lot further than before.

Other signs of brake problems include:

  • Pulling to one side while using the brakes
  • Shaking felt through the steering wheel
  • Loud grinding or squealing noises
  • Wobbling sensation while driving on the highway
  • Illumination of the brake warning light on your dash

All these signs point to the immediate need for brake service & repair from your trusted auto shop in Elkhart, IN.

Upon coming in for auto repairs, your auto technician will perform a thorough inspection to determine if your brakes are within spec. They may also need to perform additional testing steps to pinpoint the cause of your troubles accurately. With that done, they can recommend the right brake service & repair steps and get you back on the road fast.

Need Brake Service & Repair? Call Our Elkhart, IN Auto Repair Shop

If you’re in need of brake service & repair, call 574-262-1037 to speak with our team at Quality Import Service. We’ll help you find a convenient time to come down for auto repair in Elkhart, IN. We look forward to helping you keep your Euro car’s braking system working right through all your travels. Please feel free to contact us any time you have concerns about your brakes or just want to complete your service plan visit.

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