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Mercedes-Benz Service A vs B: What's the Difference

A man cleans the hood of a white Mercedes-Benz in Car Services | Quality Import ServicesWhen you think of the Mercedes-Benz brand, words like world-class luxury, quality, and reliability likely come to mind. While luxury and quality are almost guaranteed, the reliability of your Mercedes depends on how well you maintain it. Regardless of the Mercedes model you own, you’ll need to bring your vehicle in for both Mercedes Service A and Mercedes Service B. These essential services ensure your vehicle continues to deliver the performance you expect.

Quality Import Services is the premier Mercedes-Benz and European dealership alternative. We offer comprehensive maintenance, service, and repairs for your German or European vehicle. Our highly skilled and certified Mercedes mechanics have the tools and expertise to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Let’s explore what’s involved in Mercedes Service A and Mercedes Service B, so you can make informed decisions about your car’s maintenance needs.

Read on to learn more and contact Quality Import Services in Elkhart, IN. 

What Is Mercedes Service A?

Mercedes Service A is a standard set of services and maintenance inspections that should be performed either after one year of ownership or when your vehicle reaches 10,000 miles—whichever comes first. While the specific services can vary based on your model year, every Mercedes Service A includes at least the following:

  • Mercedes-Benz synthetic oil Change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Tire inspection, tire inflation check, and tire pressure correction
  • A comprehensive inspection of all levels. If levels are off, they should be restored to the manufacturer’s suggested levels. 
  • Inspection of your brakes and brake components
  • Maintenance counter reset

It’s important to note that the exact services may vary depending on your model year and specific vehicle model. Regardless of your Mercedes model, these services should always be performed by an experienced Mercedes-Benz mechanic in Elkhart, IN.

What Is Mercedes Service B?

Mercedes Service B is a more comprehensive set of services that should be performed when your vehicle reaches either 20,000 miles or two years of ownership—whichever comes first. Mercedes Service B includes:

  • Mercedes-Benz synthetic oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • A comprehensive inspection of all fluid levels. If any fluids are deficient, they should be restored to the manufacturer’s suggested levels. 
  • Inspection of your brakes and brake components
  • Maintenance counter reset
  • Mercedes brake fluid exchange 
  • Replacement of the cabin dust and combination filter
  • In addition, your Mercedes Service B should have every element listed by model year and specific model you have. 

What's the Difference Between Mercedes Service A vs Mercedes Service B?

The primary difference between Mercedes Service A and Mercedes Service B lies in the mileage intervals at which each service should occur. Mercedes Service A is typically performed after one year or at 10,000 miles, while Mercedes Service B should take place at 20,000 miles or two years. Additionally, Mercedes Service A is scheduled in odd-numbered years (e.g., year one, year three), while Mercedes Service B is scheduled in even-numbered years (e.g., year two, year four).

While there is some overlap in the services provided, Mercedes Service B includes a brake fluid exchange and the replacement of your cabin dust/combination filter.

What Is a Brake Fluid Exchange in Mercedes Service B?

A Mercedes brake fluid exchange involves removing the old brake fluid from your Mercedes Benz with a specialized flushing machine. Afterward, new, fresh brake fluid is pumped into the system. The brake fluid prolongs the life of your anti-lock braking system, preventing brake lockup during emergencies. 

Contact Quality Import Services for All of Your Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Needs

Quality Import Services is your local Elkhart IN Mercedes maintenance and repair specialists. In addition to Mercedes Service A and B, your vehicle may alert you that it requires Mercedes Service C, D, and E. In either case, the team at Quality IMport Services in Elkhart In can and will help. In addition to Mercedes Benz vehicles, we also service and repair: 

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