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How To Know If You Need Audi Engine Service

Close-up of the engine and contents of an Audi Q3 under the hood.While your Audi exudes confidence, exclusivity, and a flair for opulence, it’s much like every other vehicle. Specifically, the engine is the core and the most important component. To protect your engine, wallet, and vehicle, it’s imperative to have regular Audi engine service. Because of the unique European equipment and design, however, many standard auto repair facilities lack the tools and expertise to perform Audi engine repair.

Fortunately, the experts at Quality Import Services in Elkhart IN can help. As your local Audi engine service repair experts in Elkhart IN, we’ve outlined some of the top signs your vehicle needs Audi engine service or Audi engine repair. Continue reading to learn more about the top signs your vehicle needs Audi engine service.

Your Audi Has Lost Power

Audi vehicles are notorious for delivering exceptional performance. But if your Audi has experienced a loss of power when accelerating or driving, it may be a warning sign you need Audi engine service. Oftentimes, it points to an issue with one of the strokes in your engine, such as:

  • Compression stroke
  • Intake stroke
  • Exhaust stroke
  • Combustion stroke

These strokes turn gasoline into power for your engine, so you will notice the impact almost instantly — if a stroke has problems.

You Hear Strange Noises from Your Car

As the driver of an Audi, you should be keen on the gentle purring sounds your engine produces. If you hear unusual noises like random hissing or knocking coupled with pops and backfires, your Audi needs attention. In most instances, strange noises indicate your vehicle needs Audi engine service or Audi engine repair.

If you hear strange noises when starting your Audi or driving, it may be due to an abnormality in the combustion flow of your engine. In either case, you should never ignore or take these noises lightly. Failure to have the necessary Audi engine service or Audi engine repair can quickly turn a bad situation into an exponentially more expensive nightmare.

Your Engine Is Running Rougher Than Normal

Just as you know how your Audi sounds, you also know how it feels. If you notice your Audi is running rougher than normal or idling weirdly, it’s most likely time for a tuneup in Elkhart IN. Some of the most common causes of a rough-running engine are:

  • Worn-out spark plugs
  • Old spark plugs
  • Clog in the system
  • Using the wrong octane gas
  • A low battery

While Audi engine service or Audi engine repair may remedy the problem, it’s important to have full vehicle diagnostics.

You Smell Strange Scents from Your Audi

Another key indicator you need Audi engine service or Audi engine repair is when you notice a strange odor. It can often be caused by a failing engine exhaust stroke. Whether you smell oil burning or any other scent, you should never ignore strange smells. Instead, it’s best to have your Audi examined by an experienced Audi mechanic in Elkhart IN.

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